Thursday, May 16, 2013



Why did I invent Sandi Hands ??? Well it was not intentional - not in the least - it came from a need to make my love for French Shabby Chic & Vintage Restoration of furniture, much easier and comfortable. I decided to make a glove that I could sand with and not have flying out of my hand like the sanding block. It was also better than putting up with torn bits of sandpaper!! 

I used it for over 12 months before my son-in-law finally talked me into producing it for the open market. Thus the birth of "Sandi Hands" - the Handy Glove that Sands! I started with 4 x basic cotton lycra gloves at the beginning of April this year. 

With requests left, right and center, I have since released trade & wet & dry gloves with a range of grits to suit many more jobs. What would Sandi Hands be useful for now: 

1.  Craft & Hobby Work 
2.   Recycling & Restoring Furniture 
3.  Renovating furniture & homes 
4.  Car Detailing / Smash Repairs 
5.   Surf Board Shaping

I will be adding many blogs and reviews on this new and exciting product now launched on the market - keep coming back - so much more to tell !!!

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