Sunday, November 1, 2015


Living your passion helps every day become more enjoyable & worth living through!
That very statement is what has brought me this far - from finding the love of recycled furnishings and home wares to making a hobby do such a thing, to having our whole home furnished with recycled pieces. 

Every morning when I get up and walk through our home I am still in ore of how awesome the place looks now; without sounding modest, I feel that is a sense of accomplishment! I feel it is a way of satisfying my inner being with the passion I have for such a hobby. I just love the idea of knowing that each piece had a life before this one, and with the God given eye, I have been led to each piece, purchased them and had the vision to imagine their new found look for their new life.

Recycling has really taken the world by storm - but for what reasons I ask??

Is it for the love of the art, or is it because of the fear of losing so much of our past; perhaps it's a combination of both.  Whatever it is, if you have the passion, once you start, you are hooked for life!!

You only have to enter into blogs of women telling their stories worldwide - I really enjoy their stories as I find out their different ways of doing things; diverse products they use and ways they also use or market their pieces of Art!  Beyond the art their is a real heart to most - start to talk to these lovers of recycling and you will know exactly what I mean.  I love delving into it - finding out their stories!  

There are so many products on the open market now that are exclusive for recycling; MMS Paint, Annie Sloan, Websters Paints, just to name a few of the more well known and successful businesses, who love the Art and are supplying the needs to so many who share their passion.  Their are tools especially manufactured to suit the refined techniques that come with the unique trade; Brushes, Waxes, Implements, Oils, & Sanding Gloves & Tools. 

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