Tuesday, May 10, 2016


We were not supposed to be this end of the country but as it turns out God had other ideas.

A phone call with Steve, the organizer of the Maleny Wood Expo, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, was the invitation we needed to experience such an amazing weekend of marketing, meeting so many gifted people, and introducing to the public our Sandi Hands Sanding Gloves.

Amongst the lush green grass on a sunny day in the mountains of Maleny, we enjoyed setting up with others of the like, chatting and sharing each others wares & stories.  People came from all over in their droves, for all sorts of reasons.  Country folk are unique people, always happy and enjoyable and great for a friendly laugh.  They are not in a hurry, but ready to do anything to help, and offer a word of encouragement along the way.

The second day was welcomed with the trusty Mountain wet, foggy weather.  We thought that would make a quiet day, but not up there.  They came out in their wellies, raincoats, umbrellas and drisabones. 'Loved every minute of our 2nd day!!!

My cousin, who lives up in the Maleny countryside of Witta, also ran a plant stall there, and was a welcoming help to make our time there pleasant.  Everyone knows everyone and he is well known & loved.

The Woodcraft exhibitors fascinated me as I walked around the stalls, introducing myself as the Sandi Hands lady!  It was so exciting to find and meet so many gifted people with so much welcome in their hearts & excitement & pride for the industry.

We love the exposure at these events, but really enjoy the opportunity to meet so many people with so many experiences & trades - here is a big shout-out to a few great businesses we met on the weekend!

Leisa Gunton from Booloumba Arts captures the essence of her unique pottery & crafts using local materials for most of her work.  She is truly gifted which shows in her amazing work.  Visit Leisa's work online here - www.booloumbaarts.com.au

I fell in love with the stunning Vintage Cutlery Jewellery by Bent Silver - this is so different from many I have seen and so beautifully crafted to perfection.  Their prices are also very reasonable - you must check them out here - www.bentsilver.com.au

This Unique Country Furniture & Gifts of Colonial Woodcrafts are personally handcrafted by David & Julie Harriman - their personal gift shows through their work - a must see at www.facebook.com/colonialwoodcrafts

We are very excited to say the Maleny Wood Expo 2016 was very successful & we now look forward to then Brisbane City Wood Expo on the 27th, 28th & 29th May at the RNA Show Grounds - COME & 


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